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How do we work?

Our buyers can either browse through the enormous collections of  crowdsourced designs from our gallery and choose , or fancy something absolutely unique for themselves by making their own design using our design creator. You have all the tools you need.


Fabrilife also encourages people to sell their custom designed products with no registration fee, risk, hassle or legworks. Fabrilife is 100% free to use.  During the creation of your campaign , a  price is automatically being set by our system (which is calculated considering various socio-economic and technical factors)  and as a seller you will set additional pricing on top of that. After the campaign is published to our site, you will grab a solid 75% of profit when that campaigned product is sold from our site.You as a seller can add ৳30 to ‎৳200 (max) over the system calculated price . Now when the product will be sold, you will be earning  a fixed 75% of that additional amount for each unit which can be ‎maximum of ৳150 .  


Remember, all the designs available in Fabrilife are completely outsourced by the general population around the world, and they do it for free. This is a massive gathering of creative people who fancy art and fashion, and we tribute their talents and efforts by sharing profits. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, whenever you enter Fabrilife, you enter the art gallery version of a Fashion website. Just explore and enjoy how creative human being can truly be with their ideas, visions and passions for art.