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Hello Kitty

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Designed by
Turtle Age
Hello Kitty

If you love kitty and like this t-shirt, just check it out to fill your own t-shirt collection. Also, a perfect gift for your family, friends or partner.

Not available in retail stores. This is for a limited time only.

100% printed in Bangladesh and we do maintain next generation "Precision Printing Technology" with ensuring the best quality cotton fabrics.

We do ensure your 100% secured checkout and delivery facility is available across the whole country.

  • Material:
  • 160 GSM. Compact combed cotton.26 Thread Count.Eco friendly printing color.Wash resistant fabric color.
  • Type:
  • Women
  • Tags:
  • #pet loving #kitty #hello kitty #kitty tshirts #cat tshirts #cat #lovely cat #ladies tshirts #women tshirts #girl tshirts #pink tshirts #love kitty
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