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Joke Of 1969

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Designed by
Turtle Age
Joke Of 1969

Did human land on the moon in 1969?

Well, there is a big conspiracy behind this and NASA is trying to keep something secret in this regard. But we know the truth and the technology has gone far away to prove their own making plot.

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100% printed in Bangladesh and we do maintain next generation "Precision Printing Technology" with ensuring the best quality cotton fabrics.

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* 100% combed yarn cotton

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* Certified to be safe for Adults and Children. 

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  • Material:
  • 160 GSM. Compact combed cotton.26 Thread Count.Eco friendly printing color.Wash resistant fabric color.
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  • Women
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  • #meme #nasa #fake moon landing #moon landing #joke of 1969 #space #spaceman #astronaut #astrology
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